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90 page Watercolor Graphic Novel

Printed in USA

Ages 12+



After her life is changed forever by religious terrorism, teen Jaydi must decide what she believes in while keeping her family together in a divided village surrounded by supernatural forces seeking to destroy them all.


Interference from Western missionaries collide with the more popular, Local religion’s leaders. The current leaders in power, in particular, are set on eliminating every trace of the West from their village. Spirit forces complicate the matter, by working for and against either side. Jaydi is divided - as her parents never agreed on which side to choose, but taking too long to decide puts the life of her younger brother, Bandele, in danger.


In this bilingual series, the use of Swahili text highlights elements of the story, gives a sense of realism, and exposes readers to the language.

"Jaydi's Story #1: In the Beginning"

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