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*1st place winner of 2015 New Mexico State Fair: African American Fine Arts Gallery. Mixed Media division.Inspiration #1: Bandele and the Wild Beasts.Select from:8"x10" Fine Art Print11"x14" Canvas Print or 30"x40" Mixed Media Print on Glossed Aluminum. (5 Available)Materials: Graphite, Ink, Oil Paint Stick, Pastel & Digital Paint

Award Winning* Inspiration #1. Limited Edition

  • Younger brother of Jaydi Asha. The character of Bandele is that of a good-intentioned young man bursting with pride, yet can’t seem to resist his mischievous spirit. His poor choice of friends (represented by the wildebeests) often leads him into trouble. Hopefully, the mutual love and admiration he shares with his big sister is enough to guide him onto the right path.
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