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ANNOUNCEMENT: Official Launch of CAC Book Club!

Hello all! I want to welcome you to the official launch of Cartoon Arts Center's all new Book Club!

Exciting, right! Well we will begin our reading on Wednesday, February 21st of our first selected reading: Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling.

I don't know about you, but perspective has always been a challenging subject for me, but in this book, Norling really breaks it down into digestible chunks. Here's what you expect when you join in our all-new book club:

  • Follow along with me as I do a review each week on what we've read.

  • Ask questions in our blog and leave feedback on the reading

  • Join in on Discord discussions of the readings

  • Participate in group activities and outings

I'm so excited for this and hope you join along. Reading together is going to make us stronger artists, a stronger community and give us a great chance to grow together! See you soon!

-Alicia Dianne

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Sooo excited for this y’all!!

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