• Alicia Dianne

New Paintings for the Fall!!

Hey guys! Excited to show you my new work this semester! i've been taking classes at CSUN in LA as an extended education student, meaning i'm already graduated from undergrad but not quite a woman...or a grad student anyway;) These are the works that I've done, at large (i do have more, but these are the main ones) from August til now, December. I hope you enjoy them and show them to others who may enjoy as well. Most of them are for my ongoing project, 1000 Lions for Kenya. For which 10% of the proceeds go to Childfund Kenya. I've been doing research on African culture over the last 2 years, to grow myself as a person, in researching parts of my ancestry that I felt out of touch with. I chose to study Kenya in particular to contribute to a missionary group doing work in Kwale (a town near Mombasa) that I felt led to be a part of. I hope you enjoy and thanks SUPER DUPERR much for visiting me!! :D Ya!

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