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A Graphic Novel Series by Alicia Dianne successfully funded on Kickstarter!!

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What's it about?

After her life is changed forever by religious terrorism, teen Jaydi must decide what she believes in while keeping her family together in a divided village surrounded by supernatural forces seeking to destroy them all.

Interference from Western missionaries  collide with the more popular, Local religion’s leaders. The current leaders in power, in particular, are set on eliminating every trace of the West from their village. Spirit forces complicate the matter, by working for and against either side. Jaydi is divided - as her parents never agreed on which side to choose, but taking too long to decide puts the life of her younger brother, Bandele, in danger.

Inspiration from Kenya Collection

Why are you making it?

The Artist's Statement

The spirit of my work is devoted to Afrocentric culture and women as creative beings. The context of how history impacts the present lives of all of us, is incredibly important to me. Driven in research, my intention is to give accurate depictions, although my stories are fiction.


The use of comedy and fantasy are tools which I use to discuss intense subject matter with my audience. The concerns of my work challenge stereotypes and offer personalities which do not fit into preconceived expectations. This is the case with, Jaydi’s Story, which is about a young teen in East Africa who is trying to figure out what she believes in, amidst Religious terrorism in her village.


Jaydi’s Story acts as a clear example of the main intension behind all of my work; to inspire creativity in young people, particularly girls in minority communities. So that the presence of my stories can be an additional clearing in the path for their own.

-Alicia Dianne

Inspiration from Kenya Watercolors

Who is


The protagonist, Jaydi Asha, (which translates to “Angel Alive”),

is a teenage girl in Kaweria, Mumbi seeking a normal life after terrorism corrupts her village. At only 13, she bears the responsibility of caring for her two younger siblings (Bandele and Hidi) and an elderly grandmother (Bibi Ebra). Her tenacity is the force that holds her family together amidst all odds, however she can sometimes forget her age and the fact that still has so much to learn!

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