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Jaydi's Story


“Jaydi’s Story,” a fictional tale inspired by the very real community of the Digo people in Kwale, Kenya and it’s surrounding areas.
It’s purpose is to support the efforts of missionary and humanitarian efforts in Kenya. Creating awareness and public interest through storytelling, which is represented in a series of diverse art works.

Inspiration from Kenya


Inspiration from Kenya, the first collection of ‘Jaydi’s Story’, is an introduction into Jaydi’s world. It is here where we are introduced the main characters, such as Bandele, Gogo Esi, the primary townsfolk and even our protagonist, Jaydi Asha.
In this series, individual characters are introduced with a preview of his or her personality represented in the artwork. Each piece is meant to be revealing of the particular character’s nature, whether those traits be favorable or perhaps, a best kept secret.
The collection is brought to life with the use of the colors and patterns inspired by Kenyan textiles. Wildlife native to Kenya, and folktales from  around the continent. Inspiration from Kenya is an exciting welcome into Jaydi’s world.

Dedication Statement

My reason for creating this project...

Inspiration from Kenya is for the little girl in my dream. The dream I had the night I prayed to God, “use me.” For her, the little girl about 12 who I named Jaydi Asha, and the other little girls like her who live in Kwale, Kenya. For her little brother, her baby sister and her blind, elderly grandmother. For the other brothers, baby girls and grandmothers who live in Kwale, Kenya. For the memory of her deceased parents, and for the other children in Kwale who share Jaydi’s pain of being an orphan. The other children who are scared, alone, and without hope. For the little boys like Bandele, her brother, who can’t stand seeing the missionaries in their village, in their home. Foreigners who don’t and who can’t possibly understand what it really feels like. For the village, for the Muslims, for the Christians, and for the Non-believing. For the missions who struggle in silence to make even the slightest difference for the sake of Jesus’ love in them. This is my inspiration.
*Alicia Dianne is an independent artist and not employed by Copper Pointe Church or any of it's affiliates. Donations will be made in conjunction. A copy of the donations is available to all customers of "Inspiration from Kenya" via email upon request on a semi-annual basis. If you have purchased an item from "Inspiration from Kenya," please email via the contact tab to request your copy of donations made to Project 6:8. Please label your email, "Project 6:8," include purchase date and preferred email address.