about me.

Alicia Dianne Bad Heart Bull

Alicia Dianne is an award-winning artist from Brooklyn, NY.  Her work has been featured in a number of art exhibitions around the country. Alicia has been recognized with honor status at the School of Visual Arts, where she achieved her BFA in Traditional Animation. She has also received her MA in Illustration from California State University at Northridge. Along with writing and illustrating graphic novels and children’s books, Alicia has devoted the last several years to organizing workshops for artists in the Los Angeles area.


The spirit of Alicia’s work is devoted to Afrocentric culture and women as creative beings. The context of how history impacts the present lives of all of us, is incredibly important to her. Driven in research of Africana History and the Diaspora, her intention is to give accurate depictions, through tales of fiction and fantasy - tools she utilizes to discuss intense subject matter with her audience. The concerns of her work challenge stereotypes and offer personalities which do not fit into preconceived expectations. This is the case with, Jaydi’s Story, which is about a young teen in East Africa who is trying to figure out what she believes in, amidst Religious terrorism in her village. Jaydi’s Story acts as a clear example of the main intension behind all of her work; to inspire creativity in young people, particularly girls in minority communities. So that the presence of her stories can be an additional clearing in the path for their own. She currently lives in Santa Clarita with her husband, son and growing number of pets.